Unsolved Murders

Dumbi Moka

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 3 Apr 2004

Place: Elmcroft Avenue, Ponders End, North London

Dumbi Moka was shot outside his house.

He had been parking his CLK Mercedes car outside his house when a man came up to him and they got into an argument. The man then shot him at least once.

He managed to stumble to his front door but soon died.

The police said that they thought he knew his killer. The day before he was murdered a Mediterranean-looking man had been seen at his house knocking and looking through his window and the police said that they were interested in finding out who that was.

In January 2005 three people were arrested for his murder but there are no known charges, trials or convictions.

He was a Nigerian and was about to open up a travel agents in Edmonton.

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