Unsolved Murders

Brian Perry

Age: 63

Sex: male

Date: 16 Nov 2001

Place: The Blue Anchor, Bermondsey, South London

Source: www.independent.co.uk

Brian Perry was shot three times outside his minicab firm, Blue Anchor, in south London.

He had just got back to his office after doing some shopping when two men in a car wearing balaclava's and dressed in black pulled up and shot him. The car had been fitted with false number plates.

He had previously been involved with laundering money from the 1983 Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery and was convicted in 1992 of handling stolen goods from the robbery and sentenced to nine years. The Brinks Mat robbery had taken place on 26 November 1983 at a warehouse at Heathrow during which £26,000,000 worth of gold was stolen and has never been recovered. The robbery had been carried out by six men who had taken 6,800 gold ingots weighing three tons.

In 2006, two men were tried for his murder but acquitted.

He was shot in the head, chest and back. It was said that he had been shot by a professional hit-man and that the motive might or might not have been connected to the Brinks Mat gold bullion robbery.

During their investigation into the two men that were tried for his murder the police searched an area where one of the men accused had earlier been seen. They used a German shepherd dog to search for evidence and found a revolver which was said to have been the gun used to shoot Brian Perry. It was said that the dog had first found the balaclava in a bin but had then put its whole head in and pulled out the revolver which was inside a sock. DNA from both of the men on trial was found on the balaclava. It was said that some of the bullets found with the gun were of the same type used in Brian Perry's murder.

One of the men had admitted owning and possessing a similar firearm to the one found but said that he had not been in the car.

The two men were acquitted of murder after it was said that there was no forensic evidence linking them to the murder and that the evidence presented was circumstantial.

Although the gold from the robbery was never recovered, two men were convicted for the robbery and sentenced to 25 years and it was said that Brian Perry was supposed to be taking care of their outside interests and had their shares of the gold but had been taking money for himself.

Brian Perry had lived in Brasted, Kent. His murder is said to be one of many unsolved and unexplained deaths associated with the Brinks Mat robbery thought to be about twenty.

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