Unsolved Murders

Trevaline Evans

Age: 52

Sex: female

Date: 16 Jun 1990

Place: Llangollen, Denbighshire

Trevaline Evans vanished from her antiques shop, Attic Antiques, at about 12.40pm on 16 June 1990.

She disappeared after leaving a note in her window stating that she would be back in two minutes.

She was next seen at about 1pm when she bought an apple and a banana from a shop on High Street and then shortly after when she was crossing Castle Street.

It was thought that she might have returned to her shop after that as a banana peel was found there in a bin.

She was next seen at 2.30pm near her home on Market Street. Her dark blue Ford Escort estate was found parked about 30 yards from her shop.

Shortly before she vanished, she was seen talking to a smartly dressed man in her shop who had been wearing a blazer, but he was never traced.

After she vanished, her handbag and jacket were found in the shop along with some flowers and fruit that she was planning to have brought home with her later.

Following her disappearance, no money was taken from her bank account which the police said indicated that she had been murdered.

At the time of her disappearance, her husband had been away at their holiday bungalow near the coast at Rhuddlan doing some renovations. Trevaline Evans had been over to the holiday bungalow earlier in the week with her husband but had returned to Llangollen on Wednesday 13 June 1990.

Trevaline Evans had opened her shop up earlier that morning at about 9.30am, which was her usual time, and had parked her car about 200 yards away. It was said that during the morning that she was there, about 25 friends and customers had called in to see her, all of whom said that she seemed to be in her usual cheerful spirits.

Llangollen was described as busy that morning and it was a sunny day.

Her husband was arrested in connection with her disappearance when the case was reopened in 2001, but was later released without charge.

Her husband died in 2015 aged 83.

In 2010 the police carried out another review of her case, during which they looked into the possibility that Robin Ligus, a convicted murderer, had been involved as he had killed several people, including an antiques dealer.

Trevaline Evans had had one child, a son, but he died in 1999 from a heart attack in his late 30s.

In May 2019, two brothers said that her body had been dumped under the bar at Rhuddlan golf club. However, the police searched the area and found nothing.

Over the years, numerous sightings of Trevaline Evans were reported, including sightings of her in France and Australia and reports from spiritualist medium's stating that she was in a woodland near the World’s End area as well as in a canal.

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