Unsolved Murders

Ronald Hinkson

Age: 32

Sex: male

Date: 14 Sep 1997

Place: Barzaar Pub, Camden Town

Source: www.camdennewjournal.co.uk

Ronald Hinkson was stabbed to death in a fight outside the Barzaar pub in Camden Town.

The co-manager of the bar was later tried for his murder but acquitted. He had fled the country immediately after the murder on a false passport and gone to Thailand where he was tracked down in 2001 and extradited two years later after fighting extradition on 5 October 2003. He stood trial at the Old Baily but was acquitted. He said that he had not been involved in the fight and said that he had only fled because he thought that Ronald Hinkson's friends were after him.

The co-manager of the bar was said to have been involved in smuggling in Thailand and the Philippines and to have confessed to the murder to another man involved in smuggling whilst in the Philippines. Then, when the police issued a £21,000 reward for information resulting in the prosecution of the murderer, the other smuggler went to the police on 17 April 2001. He said that the co-manager of the bar had admitted that he had plugged someone. The other smuggler said that the co-manager of the bar had said to him 'The black c*** had it coming to him anyway, he was a lairy f*****'. The other smuggler informed Crimestoppers a year later. When the co-manager of the bar was interviewed he gave a no comment interview.

It was heard that Ronald Hinkson had gone to the Barzaar pub for a friend's 30th birthday. Ronald Hinkson was also a professional doorman licensed with Westminster City Council and it was said that when the co-manager of the bar told his friend to stop smoking a joint he had intervened. It was heard that the co-manager of the bar had hit the friend on the head and that Ronald Hinkson had then asked the co-manager of the bar why he had done it, to which the co-manager of the bar was said to have replied, 'Because it's my f***ing place'. It was said then that the co-manager of the bar had shouted out and then smashed a glass into Ronald Hinkson's face, causing cuts to his face and also cutting the co-manager of the bar's hand.

It was heard then that Ronald Hinkson and his friends were thrown out of the bar but that they then attacked the bar staff including the co-manager of the bar and that during the skirmish the co-manager of the bar was seen to be fiddling with a knife in his back pocket and to then attack Ronald Hinkson. It was said that the two groups squared up to each other and that during the fight Ronald Hinkson and a friend were both knocked to the floor.

A man said that he saw the co-manager of the bar stab Ronald Hinkson on the floor and that while Ronald Hinkson was still on the floor, he saw the co-manager of the bar stab him and kick him several times in the body. The witness said then that when the violence had finished the three black men were on the ground that the attackers then ran off.

After the fight Ronald Hinkson was taken to the Royal Free Hospital, arriving at 1.20am but died 15 minutes later. He had 13 wounds to his head, neck, shoulder, abdomen and hand including two fatal stab wounds to his neck and heart.

After Ronald Hinkson died the police went to the empty home of the co-manager of the bar in Harrington Street, Camden and took his passport. However, the co-manager of the bar was said to have got another passport with someone else’s name and gone to Thailand with it.

Ronald Hinkson was a graphic artist and had a son.

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