Unsolved Murders

Valery Tubialevich

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 11 Nov 2003

Place: Yatess Wine Lodge, South Street, Romford, Essex

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Valery Tubialevich was injured outside the Yates's Wine Lodge in Romford, Essex on 9 November 2003 and died two days later on 11 November 2003.

A bouncer on the door of the pub was tried for his manslaughter at the Old Bailey after it was said that he had struck him a single blow to the head. However, the jury found him not guilty.

The manager of the pub had told the bouncer to keep Valery Tubialevich, who was drunk, out of the pub. Valery Tubialevich then started shouting racist abuse at a bouncer saying, 'You f***ing black nigger, go back to Africa.', after which the bouncer wouldn't let him back into the pub. He was also said to have shouted 'Go back to Africa, get back in your tree, monkey boys.'.

It was said that Valery Tubialevich had tried to get back into the pub and that whilst he was doing so he had fallen and hit his head on the pavement and that the bouncer had hit him.

The bouncer said 'He got more angry. We were just relaxed, I thought we should all stand back and stay calm. He was very drunk. He caused me concern in the sense that he could poke me in the eye or punch me. He came, he made a step towards me and I put my hand up and said 'Behave yourself, what are you doing?'.'. He said then that Valery Tubialevich stumbled backwards on a slope and fell over by himself. The bouncer said 'He tried to pull back and he fell over. There was a slope in front of the pub and he just went over. Through the whole incident that night I am the only door staff not to have physically touched him. I did not punch him. I did not slap this man.'.

The bouncer was six-foot-four-inches tall and 21 stone in weight.

Shortly after, the staff at the pub called the police but were told that they couldn't spare a patrol car to attend the incident.

Valery Tubialevich was taken to King George Hospital in Ilford where he received treatment and released but died two days later.

After the trial, the bouncer said that he was only prosecuted because he was black, saying 'They only took one white person's word over mine. The only reason I think I was in there was because of my colour, not because of my character. That's how I feel. I didn't touch the guy, I was the one saying leave him alone.'.

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