Unsolved Murders

Emojeffe Okobia

Age: 9

Sex: male

Date: 29 Jun 2004

Place: Shifford Path, Lewisham, South-East London

Source: www.met.police.uk

Emojeffe Okobia died in a fire at his home in Shifford Path, Lewisham, south-east London.

His home had been targeted in an arson attack twelve days earlier.

The second fire started at 3.15am on 29 June 2004. The first fire was started on 16 June 2004 when someone poured an accelerant in through the letterbox, however, the liquid was not lit. Emojeffe Okobia's mother said that she had smelt petrol and when she came down she saw matches outside the front door.

After the fire, Emojeffe Okobia was found dead in a bedroom on the first floor. His 13-year-old sister managed to jump out of a window.

His mother had been working on a night shift at a hospital at the time.

A black youth aged between 18-19 was seen running from the scene.

The police said that they thought that the arson attack was part of a gang war.

Neighbours said that there had been a lot of trouble at the house since the people had moved in saying that people would start coming and going at around midnight and would continue doing so until 3am at times. Neighbours also said that there had been a lot of trouble on the estate associated with drug dealing and that one of the houses had been boarded up.

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