Unsolved Murders

Anthony OBrien

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 23 Jan 2004

Place: Walworth

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Anthony OBrien was stabbed near the George IV pub in Walworth.

A man was tried for his murder but acquitted.

After the murder the man tried, who was from Jamaica and was an illegal immigrant, had fled to Birmingham and then gone back to Jamaica six months later.

He was extradited and tried at the Old Bailey. It was said that Anthony OBrien, who was an Irishman, had spat in the face of the man's girlfriend at the George IV pub in Walworth, and that the man had gone home, got a knife, and then later stabbed Anthony OBrien outside the pub.

The man's girlfriend had identified him as the murderer at the trial.

However, the man denied it and said that after going home he had washed his face and then gone out for some more drink. He said that they went to a friend’s house because everywhere was closed and that he had stayed with his friend through the night and helped him with his decorating and then gone back home the next day.

The following day he had gone to his cousin’s in Birmingham and then six months later he went back to Jamaica.

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