Unsolved Murders

Karl Bradley

Age: 31

Sex: male

Date: 22 Mar 2013

Place: Penshaw Close, West Derby

Source: crimeandjustice.co.uk

Karl Bradley was found dead in a back garden in Penshaw Close, West Derby.

He was shot four times around 11pm on 22 March 2013. His body was found at 7am the following day. The police had received reports of the gunshots at 11pm but it wasn't until the next day that his body, which was in a back garden, was found.

It had been snowing around the time.

The police said that his murder was targetted and it was noted that his brother was a known gangster who was in prison on a 22-year sentence.

Four people were arrested over his murder, including a person arrested in March 2016, but no charges were made.

His 73-year-old grandmother was shot in the leg in a shooting that was thought to have been drugs related. Another of the grandmother's grandsons was sentenced to 22-years imprisonment for a wave of shooting and grenade attacks, including leaving a grenade outside the house of the Liverpool football manager. The grandmother's son was also imprisoned in 2011 for attempting to import £330,000 worth of cannabis.

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