Unsolved Murders

Robin Williams

Age: 47

Sex: male

Date: 31 Dec 2003

Place: Lordship Lane, Tottenham

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Robin Williams was battered and stabbed to death at his flat in Lordship Lane, Tottenham.

A woman was tried twice for his murder but each time the jury failed to reach a verdict. The woman went on to murder another man by beating him over the head with a bottle and stealing his money and was sentenced to 30-years in prison in 2011.

Robin Williams was the woman’s landlord. She said that she was performing a sexual act on a man in a toilet at the time at the time of Robin Williams murder. The evidence against her was said to have been wholly circumstantial.

Robin Williams was beaten around the head and then stabbed on the afternoon of 31 December 2003 at about 4pm. Neighbours said they heard the sound of an argument coming from his flat.

He was found dead in his bath half-naked. The bathroom carpet, which was blood stained, had been ripped out and dumped in the garden.

At about 4pm the woman went to the house of a friend and asked to borrow some clothes and also borrow some shoes from a neighbour. It was said that she then made her father meet her at Robin Williams's flat and said to him 'I believe Robbie's dead, will you have a look? He's in the bath.'. He was in the bath which was full of water with his legs straddled over the sides.

He had been stabbed in the chest and in the lower back. His blood was also found on the walls and floors.

Robin Williams's blood was also found on the woman's shoes.

When she was arrested she said that she had had an argument with a man at the flat and had left. She said 'I swear, may I never see my kids alive, I've got nothing to do with the murder. I don't know who did it.'. She said that she had spent the day performing sex acts on men for money. She said 'I went out to earn some money. I didn't do nothing wrong. I don't want this to sound horrible, sometimes I get a customer. It's a bit embarrassing, I might give him a w*** or something. I don't do prostitution, I don't have intercourse. I got one, in the toilet in the park. At that big red park there's two toilets outside.'. When she was asked if she knew the man's name she said 'No'.

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