Unsolved Murders

Nicholas Davies

Age: 25

Sex: male

Date: 12 Jun 2004

Place: Landor Road, Stockwell

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Nicholas Davies was shot in the heart.

He was found in an alleyway off of Landor Road in Stockwell. his possessions were all still on him including his mobile phone, watch, jewellery and money.

A bullet had gone through both lungs, his heart and had ended up lodged in his armpit. It was said that the injury would have caused massive blood loss and that he would have died quickly.

A man was later arrested and tried for his murder but acquitted.

He had been arrested whilst driving a green Rover car along Coldharbour Lane in Brixton with a friend. When they were searched the police found four live 7.65mm bullets wrapped up in paper in his pocket. When they went to the man's house in Elam Close, Brixton, they later found a 7.65mm Spanish five-chambered revolver wrapped up in a grey sweater in a plastic Argos bag. In the gun they found a spent cartridge case that matched the bullet that had been found in Nicholas Davies's armpit.

After tests were made it was determined that the bullet matched both the gun and the cartridge case. They also found DNA on the gun that matched the man's as well as his fingerprints on the plastic Argos bag.

He was convicted of possession of a firearm and ammunition but found not guilty of Nicholas Davies's murder.

The man said that Nicholas Davies had been shot because he had been regularly beating up other drug dealers and robbing them. He quoted a song by 50 Cent, a well known rapper, that was called 'Get rich or die trying'. He said that everyone was saying 'I gotta get money this year.'. He said that Nicholas Davies and some others had then gone crazy and were robbing people and kicking in people's doors.

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