Unsolved Murders

John Patrick Coffey

Age: 55

Sex: male

Date: 7 Sep 2004

Place: Wood Street Station, Walthamstow, East London

Source: www.met.police.uk

John Patrick Coffey was stabbed to death at Wood Street Station, in Walthamstow during a robbery.

He had been attacked at Wood Street station, Walthamstow around midnight on 6 September 2004. After being stabbed he had stumbled down some stairs leading to the road where he collapsed and was found by two 16-year-old girls.

Before he died he managed to tell paramedics his name.

When he was found, his black wallet that he normally had on him was missing.

His cause of death was given as loss of blood resulting from a stab wound to the stomach.

John Coffey had been living in Hackney at the time and had been to Walthamstow to see friends on 5 September 2004. He had gone to see them at about 8am and had stayed with them all day, and then later gone to The Plough pub with them at 6.30pm before heading off for a meal at The Precinct Chinese restaurant in Wood Street.

He had left them at 10pm saying that he was going to catch the last train home. It was thought that he was going to get the 11.30pm Liverpool Street-bound train which he would have taken to Hackney Downs station. He was next seen by other passengers lying in the station lobby at 11.47pm. It was thought that he had been stabbed whilst on the platform.

He had been smartly dressed in a grey suit.

Two men were arrested for his murder but no charges were made. They were also held over the robbery of two other people earlier in the night at 10pm outside Walthamstow station.

John Coffey was originally from Beauford in Co Killarney, Ireland. He was known as 'eight days a week' because of how hard he worked.

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