Unsolved Murders

Natalie Correa

Age: 27

Sex: female

Date: 19 Nov 2009

Place: Lake Gardens, Dagenham, East London

Source: www.murdermap.co.uk

Natalie Correa was beaten to death and then set on fire in her home.

Her boyfriend who had lived with her in a highly volatile relationship was tried for her murder but acquitted. There were two trials. At the first trial in September 2010 the jury failed to reach a verdict but in the second trial in May 2011 he was acquitted.

A fire engine was called out to the fire at about 1am on Thursday 19 November 2009.

Her two children were rescued from the building and taken to hospital but Natalie Correa was pronounced dead at the scene.

She was found dead on her sofa.

Her post-mortem stated that she had died from a head injury and that she had been hit on the head fifteen times with a heavy object. The murder weapon was not found. It was said that she had been murdered whilst she was lying on the sofa.

The court heard that on 18 November 2009 Natalie Correa had wanted to sleep on the sofa as she had a cold and that at 9.15pm she had texted her boyfriend, who was in the house, the message 'I love you X good night X' and that her boyfriend had replied 'I love you too please be happy this little family loves you.'. Next, at 12.42am, the boyfriend then called 999 saying that he was upstairs with the children and thick smoke was entering the room.

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