Unsolved Murders

Nader Hussien

Age: 27

Sex: male

Date: 9 Sep 2005

Place: Queens Park Court Estate, Kensal Green

Source: www.courtnewsuk.co.uk

Nader Hussien was stabbed and beaten to death in a street fight on 9 September 2005.

Four men were charged with his murder but acquitted, although a verdict against a fifth man was undecided and he was due to be retried, but there are no further trial details. The men on trial had said that they had been acting in self-defence but none of the friends of Nader Hussien were charged with anything.

They had been members of two opposing gangs that had started fighting after someone looked at someone the wrong way on the Queen's Park Court Estate in Kensal Green. The fight escalated after one of the gang members stabbed another gang member in the stomach. Then another gang member stole another gang members car and chased the gang off the estate. After that some of the other gang members went off and came back armed with a samurai sword. However, the other gang members were waiting for them armed with a baseball bat and a machete.

The man with the samurai sword was then said to have swung it at Nader Hussien, cutting his arm, and then Nader Hussien's friends attacked the man with the samurai sword, beating him with the baseball bat about the head. The man with the samurai sword then got some more friends and they armed themselves with a spear and some rice flails. When they came back Nader Hussien was seen to go to talk to them but it was said that they attacked him. He was said to have screamed at every blow, and screamed most of all when he was stabbed with a knife. He was then seen to lean against a bin and then slowly slump down to the ground.

However, the men on trial had denied that they had been part of the final attack and also said that the opposing gang that Nader Hussien had been part of were as heavily armed as they had been.

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