Unsolved Murders

Richard Wellington

Age: 38

Sex: male

Date: 12 Nov 2004

Place: Wyborne Way, Willesden

Richard Wellington was shot as he sat in his car and then set on fire.

He was said to have been shot by three gunmen.

Shortly before he was shot, two men with Jamaican accents had been heard arguing nearby outside Wyborne House.

He had been in a BMW car that had crashed into two other cars after he was shot.

Shortly before he was shot he had been sitting in his car for about 30 minutes outside of James Dudson Court.

After his shooting, a silver hatchback car was seen to drive off towards Harrow Road. A black Honda had also been seen outside James Dudson Court just before. It was not known whether the cars were involved but the police said that they wanted to trace them in order to rule them out of their investigation.

Police made a number of arrests during their investigation but no charges were made.

Police said that they thought that his killers were local.

He was a company director and also known as Darren or Kimble.

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