Unsolved Murders

Sana Abbasi

Age: 22

Sex: female

Date: 1 Jul 2009

Place: Hendford Drive, Pollard Park

Sana Abbasi was thought to have been poisoned.

She had died at the Bradford Royal Infirmary after suffering an unexplained illness for five weeks after giving birth to a daughter. There were no complications with the birth and her child was born healthy and survived her.

Nineteen days after giving birth she went to hospital suffering from severe stomach cramps and the loss of the use of her limbs. Shen then spent the next ten weeks in intensive care before dying at the hospital. During that period she had made a brief recovery and had gone home but had been rushed back to hospital soon after as her condition became worse.

Three post-mortems were carried out, however forensic experts were unable to prove conclusively that she had been poisoned.

Her sister said that she thought that she had been poisoned with paraquat, a weed killer.

Several people were arrested but no one was charged.

She had lived in Pollard Park and had come to Britain from Pakistan in an arranged marriage.

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