Unsolved Murders

Brendan Penn

Age: 22

Sex: male

Date: 15 Aug 1991

Place: Cecil Avenue, Great Horton

Brendan Penn was stabbed in the heart during a street fight.

Brendan Penn had inadvertently got caught up in a disturbance that took place around midnight amongst 50 to 60 people on 15 August 1991 on Cecil Avenue, in Great Horton.

He had been stabbed through the heart.

Shortly after he was stabbed a dark saloon car with three men in it was seen to drive off down Horton Park Avenue.

Brendan Penn was found soon after lying on the pavement and taken to the Bradford Royal Infirmary but died soon after.

He had been on his way to see a friend at the time.

The police said that they encountered a wall of silence during their investigation. They said, 'There was a wall of silence. I think it was caused by two misconceptions, first that Brendan Penn was an aggressor, and he wasn't. He walked into a fight but had no part in it. Secondly, I believe there has been a false sense of loyalty to those who committed the crime. There were 50 to 60 people around at the time, so someone knows'.

Brendan Penn had lived in St Mary’s Crescent, Wyke, and had three daughters.

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