Unsolved Murders

Doris Kellett

Age: 92

Sex: female

Date: 17 Jan 1990

Place: Wesley Street, Cleckheaton, Bradford, West Yorkshire

Doris Kellett was clubbed to death in her home.

She was beaten over the head with a blunt instrument and was later found dead in a pool of blood. She died from a fractured skull.

Her body was found at 6.45pm on 17 January 1990 by her home-help.

The police said that a ring, an amber paperweight and some money were found to have been stolen from her and that they thought that she had been the victim of a cold caller posing as a bogus official who conned his way into her home.

She had lived 20 yards from the Cleckheaton police station which was at the opposite side of the street.

Doris Kellett had earlier been to the church centre at the Central Methodist Church in Greenside, Cleckheaton and  attended the Cleckheaton Day Centre’s luncheon club where she had been involved in some exercises to music and had listened to a lecture on current events and had a three course lunch.

She was later seen talking to two men on her doorstep about 45 minutes before her body was later found.

It was said that they had both been dressed casually and that one of them had been holding a clipboard.

Her neighbour said that she first heard of her murder when the home-help came round and told her. She said that when she went round to Doris Kellett's house she saw her on the floor covered over with a blood stained cloth and said that her settee was also blood-splattered.

Doris Kellett was described as an independent old lady who had her wits about her and it was said that she rarely stayed at home and that when she did she would borrow her brother's two German Shepherd dogs.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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