Unsolved Murders

Khang Tho Nguyen

Age: 42

Sex: male

Date: 15 Jan 2005

Place: 48 Bamford Avenue, Alperton, Wembley, North London

Source: www.met.police.uk

Khang Nguyen was found dead in a cannabis factory on Bamford Avenue in Wembley on 15 January 2005.

He had been stabbed in the neck and was thought to have died about two weeks earlier. His post-mortem stated that his cause of death was an incised wound to the neck.

The upstairs of the house on Bamford Avenue had been being used to grow cannabis plants. The police said that the property had been adapted to grow great quantities of cannabis.

The property was rented by other people although the police did not know who. Khang Nguyen didn't live in the property.

It wasn't known whether he was killed by the gang behind the factory or by people trying to steal the plants, or otherwise.

Khang Nguyen was a Vietnamese national. Detectives working on his case travelled to Vietnam to collect DNA from his family to match with Khang Nguyen's.

He had entered the United Kingdom using the name Tho Pham.

The police said that London was being overwhelmed by Vietnamese gangs selling cannabis and that their activities had been linked to murders, people-smuggling and kidnapping. They said that they were renting houses from landlords and building cannabis farms and that the problem was so large that they had resorted to working with the Vietnamese authorities to resolve it. They noted that there were so many cases before the courts that the judges had said that they were having difficulties in telling them apart. It was said that men were being paid £200/week to tend the cannabis farms.

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