Unsolved Murders

Ricky Burlton

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 4 Jun 2010

Place: A10, Hoddesdon

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Ricky Burlton was run over on the A10 road at Hoddesdon on 4 June 2010 as he was walking home.

He was run down at 2.30am on the southbound exit slip road by a car that was later found abandoned further down the road.

He had been walking home along a dark section of the dual carriageway after going out for the night with some friends. They had been trying to cross the entrance to the slip road at the time.

The collision had involved a white Rover 200 car and the identity of the driver is thought to be known but his whereabouts not known although it is thought that he fled the country soon after. A man from Loughborough in Leicestershire was later arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender.

It was said that immediately after collision, which was thought to have killed him, Ricky Burlton had subsequently been run over by a couple of lorries and a people carrier as he lay in the unlit road.

The driver of the people carrier said, 'I had just started moving off on to the slip road when I suddenly saw what appeared to be a shoe in the road. Then there was a long dark object and then a larger object laying sideways across the road. I couldn’t stop or swerve and went over the object, and braked sharply because something was not right. I reversed back down the road, taking care to miss the object, that’s when I discovered the body'.

Ricky Burlton had been out to Hertford with some friends and they had been walking back to Cheshunt where they were going to get a taxi home.

The driver of the Rover 200 was thought to have been discharged from Chase Farm Hospital on the day of the collision and had been going to Moorfields in London for treatment.

He had been seen soon after the collision with blood streaming down his face. His car had stopped about three quarters of a mile further down the road with serious damage to the front of the car. A witness said that they had seen the driver sat in the car saying 'As I came back on the other side, I saw someone in the car holding the steering wheel shaking, rocking back and forward, like they were annoyed with themselves.'

The driver was said then to have called a friend who had taken him to North Middlesex Hospital having told him that he had been in an accident with another car but that the other car had not stopped. From there he had gone to Chase Farm Hospital where he said 'I felt a bump and had been in an accident. I managed to set the car into the grass, and couldn’t find the car that had hit me, so I phoned a friend who took me to hospital.'. After that he had said that he was going to a hospital in London but was not seen again and was thought to have fled the country.

A fake Greek identity card was found in his abandoned white Rover car.

The police said that the man who went by various names was as such wanted for causing death while driving a vehicle without insurance or a driving licence but that they didn't know where he was or even if he was in the country.

The main suspect is said to possibly be in Albania, Greece or Italy.

Ricky Burlton was a motor mechanic and had recently set up his own 24-hour emergency tyre replacement business.

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