Unsolved Murders

Andrew Lammas

Age: 44

Sex: male

Date: 2 Jul 2004

Place: Austin Road, Charford, Bromsgrove

Source: www.birminghammail.co.uk

Andrew Lammas was found with head injuries on his doorstep in Austin Road, Bromsgrove on 22 June 2004.

He was taken to hospital where he later died on 2 July 2004. His post-mortem stated that he had died from head injuries and had been struck several times.

The man who was tried and acquitted for his murder was later found dead in a doorway near to the murder scene. The cause of his death could not be determined.

Andrew Lammas was disabled and had arthritis and spinal problems and was unable to work.

On the evening of 21 June 2004 he had been to the Sugarbrook, his local pub, where he had played darts. There had been more than 150 football fans in the pub at the time watching England play Croatia in the European cup.

After leaving the pub he was given a lift home by friends who had dropped him off at about midnight. A few minutes after he was dropped off he was discovered collapsed in a neighbour's garden in some bushes.

The police said that when he was found he still had his wallet and possessions on him and they could not determine a motive. However, a man was seen running away from the scene along Austin Road shortly after he was thought to have been attacked.

The police said that there had also reports of an old style blue Vauxhall Nova car being driven on the Austin Road on the 21 June 2004 that they were interested in hearing from anyone else that had seen it. It was said to have driven from Austin Road to the Shell petrol station on the A38 Worcester Road in Wychbold where it arrived at 11.40pm and then gone on to Oak Apple Road in Catshill and then gone back to Charford. The Vauxhall Nova had an England flag on the rear parcel shelf.

The police said they were also interested in speaking to football fans that had been heard singing as they went along Austin Road at about the same time that he would have been attacked.

The man that was tried for his murder was said to have attacked Andrew Lammas for drugs money. However, the case was dismissed after it was said that it was based on gossip and hearsay. The man was later found dead in a doorway not far from where Andrew Lammas was found. He was found at about 2pm on a Saturday 5 November 2005. His cause of death was found to be unexplained with tests proving inconclusive.

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