Unsolved Murders

Judith Gold

Age: 51

Sex: female

Date: 20 Oct 1990

Place: Old Brewery Mews, High Street, Hampstead, North London

Judith Gold was killed in Hampstead on 20 October 1990.

She also went under the name of Judith Silver.

She was found dead in Old Brewery Mews by a paperboy, a few yards away from where she lived above the Midland Bank in Hampstead High Street. It was noted that when the paperboy found Judith Gold’s body, it was still pitch black.

When she was found her face was completely covered in blood.

She had been beaten several times over the left side of her face with an unidentified weapon.

It was thought that she had left her home sometime between 3am and dawn. None of her children heard her get up and it was not known why she had got up and left her house.

Her husband had died two years earlier and she lived with her 19-year-old daughter and a family friend.

She had been dressed as though she was going to a business meeting, but it was not known why.

She was a widow and had three children. She had worked for an insurance and mortgage agent, Insurance Experts in Child’s Hill, but also freelanced as a financier. The police noted that there was no suggestion that the company that she had worked for had been in any way involved with her murder.

The police said that they had made extensive inquiries into her freelance work and noted that her business activities were extremely complex.

The police said that there was no sign of any sexual assault and didn’t think that robbery was the motive as her handbag and jewellery were still intact.

The newsagent who ran Mag One in Rosslyn Hill nearby said that her murderer could have been scared off when he switched on the lights in his house at about 4.45am, although said that he didn’t hear any screams or anything.

It was noted that the place where Judith Gold was found dead was very dark due to problems with the lighting.

The man whose front-door was nearest the scene said that he normally heard the slightest sound from the street, but that he had heard nothing during the night.

A convicted serial killer who had murdered several young girls in the area was later considered a suspect for Judith Gold's murder and her case was reopened in 2008 following his conviction and in February 2022 it was reported that he had confessed to her murder, however, he also confessed to at least one other murder and no official ruling is known on the matter.

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