Unsolved Murders

Gurdeep Singh Mann

Age: 19

Sex: male

Date: 16 Sep 2006

Place: Windmill Lane, Smethwick

Source: www.expressandstar.com

Gurdeep Mann was killed in a street fight. Three men were convicted for affray because it could not be determined who inflicted the fatal blow.

It was said that he had been attacked during an argument over rumours that he was a police informant.

Gurdeep Mann was taken to hospital where he later died. He died from head injuries.

Gurdeep Mann was said to have confronted a man in Bush Avenue, Smethwick, armed with knuckle dusters, about rumours that the man was alleged to have been spreading about him being a police informant. Gurdeep Mann then attacked the man, punching him at least four times.

Gurdeep Mann was then said to have run off down Windmill Lane where he was chased and attacked by a gang of fifteen men in response. He was knocked to the floor and then kicked repeatedly.

Seven of the fifteen men were arrested shortly after.

The men tried in relation to the attack admitted being involved in the fight and were initially charged with his murder but because it could not be determined who dealt the fatal blow the charges were dropped.

At the trial for affray the judge noted that if it were not for Gurdeep Mann attacking the man in the first place in Bush Avenue, the fight which resulted in his murder would not have happened. He also noted that one of the men tried had said that Gurdeep Mann had got what he had deserved because he was a grass.

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