Unsolved Murders

Joel Nubie

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 18 Aug 1997

Place: Crompton Road, Handsworth, Birmingham

Source: www.birminghammail.co.uk

Joel Nubie was shot in the head in a row over a mobile phone.

The prime suspect, a 41-year old man, fled to Holland the next day and then went onto Jamaica and has never been found.

Joel Nubie was shot in the forehead at close range with a 9mm calibre bullet whilst he was riding his bicycle at the junction of Crompton Road and Heathfield Road at 8pm. He died instantly. It was said that he shot him after Joel Nubie had taken a mobile phone from the man's brother. It was said that after Joel Nubie took the phone, the person that he took it from went to his brother, the man suspected of shooting Joel Nubie, who then went to find Joel Nubie and put the gun to his forehead at point blank range and shot him in the head.

It was initially thought that the murder was drug related and noted that although Joel Nubie was not a street hardened criminal he had a previous conviction for possessing a small amount of crack cocaine.

The police later said that his murder was not gang related and said that Joel Nubie was not a member of any gangs.

The police went to Jamaica to try and find him and during their investigation raided two properties in Tivoli Gardens, in Kingston. The raids involved Jamaican military units due to the danger involved.

The main suspect, who the police named has an international arrest warrant out for his arrest and the police hold his fingerprints.

The police said that it was thought that he had returned to Birmingham on at least one occasion. The police said that it was possible that he had a different name and passport and that he could be anywhere in the world.

The police said that they thought that there were many witnesses to the shooting.

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