Unsolved Murders

Jimoh Plunkett

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 9 Dec 2006

Place: Zest, Princes Street, Ipswich, Suffolk

Source: www.google.co.uk

Jimoh Plunkett was shot at the Zest nightclub on Princes Street in Ipswich on 9 December 2006 around 1.50am.

He was taken to Ipswich Hospital where he died from a chest wound less than two hours later.

Eighteen people were arrested but no charges were made.

Several shots were fired in the club and Jimoh Plunkett was hit, but he managed to get outside where he then collapsed in the street about 50 metres away near the Commercial Road sorting office. Three other people were also hit by bullets but survived. Another man had also been stabbed.

There had been more than 800 people in the club at the time although the atmosphere in the club was described as hostile and aggressive. About 90% of the people in the club had come up from London for a live music night. It was said that there had been a number of incidents of disorder in the club beforehand as rival gangs tried to impose their presence. At 1.34am a group of males and females arrived and a fight broke out. The group left but some of them later returned, some having changed clothes, at about 2am and forced their way past the door staff. Some of the group were restrained and entered the club one by one. Then at 2.05am shots were fired towards a group of people that included Jimoh Plunkett and his friends.

Jimoh Plunkett and his friends got out of the club by the fire exit whilst the people that had been shooting left via the main door.

A Baikal gun was found but it was not the gun that had been used to kill Jimoh Plunkett. Police took about 1,300 statements and logged 8,000 exhibits. Police said that there had been a wall of silence.

After the murder the nightclub was immediately shut by the police but later re-opened under new management.

It wasn't thought that Jimoh Plunkett was involved with any gangs or that he was the intended target.

One of the main suspects in the shooting, Errol Davis, was himself shot dead about two years later in the seOne nightclub in what is also an unsolved murder.

In December 2016 the police said 'The investigation into the death of Jimoh Plunkett remains an open inquiry. Eighteen people were arrested during the course of the investigation, however one of the key suspects has since died and there was insufficient evidence to proceed against any individual in relation to Jimoh’s death. We believe the answer to what happened lies with communities in the Metropolitan Police area and would continue to ask anyone with information to come forward. Ten years on allegiances may have changed and someone may feel they can now talk to police about the case. The information gathered during the course of the inquiry means it may be that even the smallest detail could assist with the progression of this; and we’d ask those there that night to think about whether they would now consider assisting to bring some answers for Jimoh’s family.'.

Jimoh Plunkett was from New Cross.

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