Unsolved Murders

Peter Buahin

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 25 Jul 2005

Place: Woodpecker Road, New Cross, South London

Source: www.murdermap.co.uk

Peter Buahin was shot in the head on 25 July 2005 whilst sitting on his bicycle outside his house.

Two black men were seen cycling towards him at about 11.49pm and then one of them was seen to raise his hand and then two or three shots were fired.

An ambulance was called out but Peter Buahin was pronounced dead at the scene.

After, three bikes were found left behind at the scene although no one was able to identify the men.

Three youths were arrested but no charges were made.

Peter Buahin's friend Orville Davidson had also been shot about four months earlier on the Woodpecker Estate and his murder is also unsolved.

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