Unsolved Murders

Patricia Brightmore

Age: 65

Sex: female

Date: 23 Dec 2005

Place: Batemoor Walk, Batemoor, Sheffield

Source: www.southyorkshire.police.uk

Anthony Brightmore, Patricia Brightmore and Steven Brightmore died from smoke inhalation in a fire at their home.

Their home caught fire after someone set fire to a wheelie bin outside. The wheelie bin had been outside the house under a wooden canopy. The house was also clad with wood.

Neighbours were alerted to the fire at about 3.30am and about 20 firefighters were called out to put it out. Neighbours said that they could hear a man shouting 'help, help' from inside the house. They said that he was trapped inside and that then it all went quiet.

Police said that five other wheelie bins were also set fire to a few streets away and said that they thought the incidents were connected. It was thought that they had been set fire to minutes befor the wheelie bin outside their house on Batemoor Walk was set fire to.

Three juveniles were arrested but there are no known charges, trials or convictions and their deaths were still flagged as unsolved in a spreadsheet published by the South Yorkshire Police in 2017.

The police said they thought the attack was totally random.

Steven Brightmore was blind and had lived at home with his parents Anthony Brightmore and Patricia Brightmore. He had survived the fire but died later at the Hull Royal Infirmary where he was taken to a specialist burns unit.

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