Unsolved Murders

Safrajur Rahman Jahangir

Age: 23

Sex: male

Date: 28 Aug 2009

Place: Scraith Wood Drive, Shirecliffe, Sheffield

Source: www.southyorkshire.police.uk

Safrajur Rahman Jahangir was shot whilst in his car making a takeaway curry delivery.

It was said that the gunman was found a week later dead on a park bench having taken a heroin overdose.

Safrajur Jahangir was shot as he drove his car along Scraithwood Drive. He was hit by two bullets and then crashed into some bushes.

It was thought that Safrajur Jahangir had been shot with a Luger pistol and that the gunman had been on foot.

Six men were tried for conspiracy to murder but the trial collapsed after it was heard that the police had failed to disclose evidence to the defence. It was found that the police had failed to give 20 pieces of evidence to the defence and that the men would not receive a fair trial. Evidence included a tip that the police had received the day after the murder about where the murder weapon, which was never found, might have been and which was not followed up. It was also said that some of the hidden evidence indicated that other people could have had a motive for killing Safrajur Jahangir.

Safrajur Jahangir was the owner of an Indian takeaway restaurant, the Spice Hut in Hillsborough, Sheffield and was thought to have been murdered by hitmen in association with a feud between his family and another. The court heard that the feud had started a few years earlier in April 2007 when Safrajur Jahangir was assaulted by one of the men although no action was taken by the police. It was then said that the home of one of the men tried for conspiracy to murder was then burgled and that they had blamed Safrajur Jahangir and decided to take revenge and had then assaulted him at his shop for which they were then convicted and sentenced.

The men that were tried were said to have ordered his execution because of the grudge against him after serving six months in prison for the assault at his family's business. The court heard that they had then hired two men to arrange the execution and that they in turn had arranged for the hitman. Safrajur Jahangir was killed three weeks after they were released from prison.

The court also heard that Safrajur Jahangir and his family had received an ultimatum a week before the shooting stating that if they did not pay £4,000 in compensation Safrajur Jahangir would be shot. However, the family said that they refused to pay the money.

It was said that Safrajur Jahangir had been lured to a street with a bogus order for curry and then ambushed in his car.

The court heard that the hitman had been paid £15,000 for the shooting.

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