Unsolved Murders

Agnes Madeline Ogden

Age: 88

Sex: female

Date: 19 Dec 1991

Place: Erringden Road, Mytholmroyd, West Yorkshire

Source: www.westyorkshire.police.uk

Agnes Madeline Ogden was killed in her home in Mytholmroyd.

She had been hit in the face and suffocated and was later found dead in a downstairs bedroom.

She was described as a crippled widow, having curvature of the spine, and walked with a stick. However, it was said that she led a fairly active life.

She was last seen by neighbours at about 4.30pm the day before she was found dead, on 18 December 1991.

Her murderer had entered her home in the night and punched her in the face and then suffocated her after which he had left her on the floor of her bedroom and searched drawers and cupboards for cash and valuables.

However, the police said that it was unclear whether anything had been taken. However, they said that they did find a brightly-coloured torch with a twist grip that might have been left behind by the murderer.

The police said that it looked like a burglary that had gone horribly wrong. They said that Agnes Ogden might have startled the burglar who might have then panicked and killed her.

The police later said that they thought that the key to solving the case lay in the local area.

Agnes Ogden was a former cotton mill worker and had lived alone in her home since her husband died in 1971.

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