Unsolved Murders

Joe Edward Mccafferty

Age: 7

Sex: male

Date: 3 May 1997

Place: Haywood Avenue, Huddersfield

Source: www.westyorkshire.police.uk

Joe Edward Mccafferty died when his aunt's house burnt down in an arson attack.

Petrol had been poured through the letterbox.

He had been in the house with his aunt, two cousins and his older brother.

Joe Mccafferty had been asleep at the time.

The alarm was raised at 5am and the aunt got her daughter and step-daughter and escaped out of an upstairs window.

Joe Mccafferty and his brother were then rescued from the fire a while later by firemen, but Joe Mccafferty died by the time he arrived at the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary where he was taken in a police car.

His brother also received burns but survived.

The remains of dark green plastic Unipart container used for 20/50 motor oil that was thought had been used to hold the petrol was found nearby. It had been burned but was identified as having been of a type last sold in 1994 and mostly sold at Esso petrol stations.

In May 2015 a couple of people were arrested in relation to his death but later released in January 2016.

The police said that they thought that someone in the area knew who was responsible for his murder.

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