Unsolved Murders

Margaret Spencer

Age: 77

Sex: female

Date: 21 Jul 1999

Place: Sandiford Terrace, Manston, Leeds

Source: www.westyorkshire.police.uk

Margaret Spencer and Patrick Spencer died after their house was set on fire.

They were rescued from the fire at their home but later died in St James’s Hospital in Leeds from smoke inhalation.

It was said that an inflammable liquid was poured through their letter box and then ignited using a wick made from a cotton like material.

Soon after the fire was started, one of their neighbours was woken up by the smell of the smoke and woke his wife up. After the husband went to help Margaret Spencer and Patrick Spencer get out of their home whilst his wife called the fire brigade.

Margaret Spencer and Patrick Spencer were trapped in their upstairs bedroom and were brought to safety by firemen that arrived soon after.

They were both taken to hospital but later died. Margaret Spencer died 15 hours later on 21 July 1999 whilst Patrick Spencer died two months later on 9 October 1999.

It was thought that amongst the evidence collected from the scene was a DNA record that was hoped would lead to a future breakthrough in the case.

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