Unsolved Murders

Ian Stewart Grant

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 15 Nov 1995

Place: Cherry Hinton, Cambridge

Ian Grant was found shot dead on waste ground in Cherry Hinton near the Fulborne Hospital in November 1995.

Two men were tried for conspiracy to murder at Norwich Crown Court but acquitted.

He had been shot in the hand and his head.

He was last seen at 8pm on 15 November 1995 when he left his flat in Speedwell Close, Cambridge and the police said that they thought that was murdered within two hours of leaving, between 8pm and 10pm.

Two weeks before his murder, his girlfriend’s car was set on fire, and the police said that they were linking the two incidents.

The police said that they thought that he had been lured there by a man that had been seen hanging about outside his flat in Speedwell Close. The waste ground was only a few hundred yards away from his flat. The police said that they thought that Ian Grant had followed the man that had been luring outside his flat to the bank by the waste ground where two other men with guns were waiting for him and then shot him.

He had previously worked as a bouncer at the LEL nightclub in St Ives, but at the time of his murder he was unemployed although at the time, Ian Grant was setting up his own security company and it was thought that that had attracted the attention of rival door management firms that had striven to prevent him taking their business which often involved the control of drugs.

The police also said that Ian Grant had developed a lot of enemies through his own violence and had had a lot of trouble with other door companies by disrupting their businesses.

The police said the pub and club trade at the time, was largely dominated by gangs and criminal networks, in which the key was the ability to manage drug dealers going in to the clubs for profit, and that a reputable firm that stopped drug dealers at the doors hurt their profits resulting in turf wars amongst the criminal networks that operated across the country for that purpose.

However, the police later said that in the years since Ian Grant's murder, many things had changed, and door management was more regulated and that many of the networks that ran them in the 1980's had been broken up, resulting in opportunity for people who might have been previously scared through intimidation to come forward with relevant information.

When the police re-opened their investigation in 2013, they said, 'People are speaking to us now that didn't speak to us 18 years ago. We have a far better understanding of how Ian was shot and why he was shot'.

The waste ground that he was shot on is now the site of the Fulbourn Tesco supermarket.

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