Unsolved Murders

Daniel James Nolan

Age: 14

Sex: male

Date: 1 Jan 2002

Place: High Street, Hamble, Hampshire

Source: wherearethey.bravepages.com

Daniel James Nolan went missing in 2002 after going out to fish at night on New Year's Day with friends.

In 2004 his foot was discovered on a beach in Chapman's Pool near Swanage, Dorset and DNA tests confirmed that it was part of Daniel Nolan's remains.

It is not known how he died or whether it was accidental or not.

He had gone out fishing with his friend and was due to return at 2am. He had left his friends at 11.40pm outside the Victory pub in Hamble and was not seen again. When he failed to return home by 2.45am his mother went down to the pontoon that he had been fishing from to look for him and found his fishing gear there but said that Daniel Nolan was nowhere to be seen. She then called the police and by 4.30am there were emergency services on the water looking for him.

After leaving his friends Daniel Nolan had gone back down the lane to the pontoon to collect his fishing equipment. It was said that between leaving his friends and getting to the pontoon he had vanished.

The police said that all the CCTV cameras in Hamble that might have captured footage of Daniel Nolan or anyone else were either turned off or broken.

Daniel Nolan was 5ft 7in tall and of a medium build. He had brown eyes and short dark hair. When he was last seen he was wearing a beige jacket, a red fleece, a grey woolly hat and dark blue rip-curl trousers.

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