Unsolved Murders

Marvin Couson

Age: 39

Sex: male

Date: 8 Aug 2015

Place: Lime In London, Shoreditch

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Marvin Couson was shot in 2002 and later died from his injury in 2015.

He was shot outside that Lime Bar on Curtain Road, Shoreditch, later called the Queen of Hoxton.

There had been about 600 people inside the bar at a party when shots were fired inside the bar.

Marvin Couson then ran outside with a lot of other people and a friend. At the same time a red or burgundy Ford Fiesta with two men inside sped off although the friend managed to grapple the passenger in the front seat of the car but was then knocked over. Shots were fired from the car around the same time and when the friend got up and went back to the bar he saw Marvin Couson lying on the ground injured.

He had been shot in the chest causing injuries to his heart and other internal organs.

He was operated on at the Royal London hospital and then transferred to the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in Putney where he stayed in a vegetative state for the next 13 years before dying.

On 9 May 2019 the police announced that they had made an arrest for a firearms offence during the course of their investigation into Marvin Couson's murder, noting that it was a significant arrest.

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