Unsolved Murders

Ada Middleton

Age: 6

Sex: female

Date: 16 May 1901

Place: Western Reservation, Hull

Ada Middleton was found with her throat cut in a timber yard.

Little evidence was found although they did find blood in a more secluded part of the timber yard.

She was the daughter of a paviour and lived at 3 Woodhouse Avenue, Woodhouse Street. At the time her mother and brother were away in a sanatorium.

She was last seen playing with her 4 year old brother at 7 o'clock along with some other children in Woodhouse Street when a man came up to her and asked her to go with him to gather flowers on the field belonging to the Corporation on the Hedon Road opposite Woodhouse Street known in the neighbourhood as Sandy Bank.

The boy had began to cry but Ada Middleton accompanied the man and she was not seen again. When the woman who cared for her while her mother was in the sanatorium realised she was missing she became alarmed and organised a search party and Sandy Bank was scoured and at about 10.30pm a man discovered her body.

The body was not found in the Reservation field but in a deal yard at a secluded spot and traces of blood were easily discernible. They also found a letter in a foreign language which was written on two pieces of paper and much besmeared with blood.

When the police were informed they made an exhaustive search for the perpetrator of the outrage and having found the letter focussed on the shipping in the Alexandra Dock watching the vessels going out but gained no information.

The autopsy showed that her right carotid artery had been severed.

She had lived on Woodhouse Street in Hull where Elizabeth Oliver 13 who was murdered in 1888 also lived. Both murders are unsolved.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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