Unsolved Murders

Brenda Long

Age: 41

Sex: female

Date: 28 Dec 1991

Place: Cromwell Road, Whitstable, Kent

Brenda Long was found dead in her bath.

She was initially thought to have committed suicide, but the autopsy showed that she had been knocked out with diethyl ether and then drowned.

She died about eight months after her lover Alan Leppard was shot dead at their home in Monkton on 1 April 1991.

Brenda Long her lover Alan Leppard had moved to Monkton in Kent around December 1990 and were planning to get married. They had been in bed together when someone knocked at the door and when Alan Leppard went to answer it, he was shot dead.

After his murder, Brenda Long moved to a flat in Cromwell Road, Whitstable.

It was said that her death had initially looked like suicide, but that when they carried out her post-mortem they determined that she had diethyl ether in her bloodstream and marks around her face and mouth that suggested that she had been knocked out first and then drowned.

Brenda Long was last seen alive by her sister on Christmas Day 25 December 1991. Her sister said that she next spoke to Brenda Long the following day.

It was also suggested that she might have been later seen by her ex-boyfriend on Boxing Day, 26 December 1991.

When she was found, the police found a suicide note and an empty packet of pills floating in the bath water.

The police said that they could not look at the murder of Brenda Long without looking at the murder of her partner Alan Leppard earlier on, noting that Brenda Long  had been a key witness in Alan Leppard's murder.

However, they said that they had no motive for either murder.

It was said that their murders might have been contract killings, but that there was no suggestion that either of them had been involved in any criminality.

When the coroner returned a verdict of unlawful killing at Brenda Long's inquest, he said that her death was 'one of the strangest and most disturbing cases I have dealt with for some time'.

No suspects for her murder, or Alan Leppard's murder were ever identified.

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