Unsolved Murders


Age: 2

Sex: female

Date: 8 May 1902

Place: Bradford Midland Railway Station

The body of a female baby was found in the parcels office of Bradford Midland Railway Station.

Attendants at the left luggage office that had complained of a disagreeable smell for a couple of days traced it to a jam box numbered 443 that had been taken on 19 March 1902. The box was wrapped in brown paper which appeared to be new and was tied round with some red blind cord. When they found it they sent for the police and the box was opened to reveal the decomposed body of a 2 year old girl wrapped in a sheet.

When they checked their records they found that the box had been left by someone with the name of Milnes but no description of the person could be given.

The police surgeon who examined the body said that it was 16.5lbs and 2ft 6in in height and about 2 years old. He said that the head was disproportionately large and the legs were badly formed and that she would have been bow legged and if she could have walked it would have been with difficulty. He said that he did not think that she died a natural death. He found the stomach to be full of water which he would need to examine and that there was a lot of dirt underneath her finger nails as though she had not been washed and cleaned in a proper manner.

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