Unsolved Murders

Jordan Lee Jackson

Age: 20

Sex: male

Date: 7 Mar 2006

Place: Menlo Gardens, Upper Norwood, Southeast London

Jordan Jackson and Leyla Djemal-Northcott were shot dead in their home.

Four people were charged with their murders but the case collapsed after the judge ruled that identification evidence used was fatally flawed.

They had lived on Menlo Gardens in Upper Norwood, south London. At the time his brother and his brother's girlfriend were also at the house.

At about 6.40am two men wearing ski masks knocked at the door. When Jordan Jackson answered the door he was shot with a pump-action shotgun in the neck in the hallway. They then went in and shot Leyla Djemal-Northcott in the head as she lay in bed. Jordan Jackson's brother was also shot in the head and hands but survived and his girlfriend had hidden and was not shot.

The police said that the murders were a gangland execution and that Leyla Djemal-Northcott had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The four men that were charged with their murder were said to be involved in drug dealing and that one of them had been robbed of £5k during a burglary and had ordered the shooting in revenge. The man that had had the £5k stolen from him was described as an extremely violent drug dealer.

At an identification parade the brother that had been shot had identified one of the gunmen although he had admitted that he had only seen part of the man’s face because he had been wearing a ski mask. However, the man had been a twin, both of whom were said to have been involved and the police had created photos of the twins as well as six other men with twins for the brother to identify. However, the judge said that the photos were such that it was impossible to distinguish between each twin and as such the procedure was unfair and the men were acquitted.

Leyla Djemal-Northcott had worked at the Westow Hill Post Office in Upper Norwood. Jordan Jackson was a removal man.

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