Unsolved Murders

Allan Bryant

Age: 24

Sex: male

Date: 3 Nov 2013

Place: Glenrothes, Scotland

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

Allan Bryant went missing after going to the Styx nightclub on Caskieberran Road in Glenrothes on 3 November 2013. His body has never been found.

It is thought that he had gone to a house party after the club where he was murdered and then later dumped in a drain.

He was last seen on CCTV when he left the Styx nightclub at 2.02am and walked off in the direction of Tanshall Roundabout.

Four witnesses said that they heard screaming at about 4am coming from the Barnton Place area. The screaming was described as hysterical as though something was terribly wrong.

After he went missing a full search with cadaver dogs was made and water bodies searched.

He had lived in Ednam Drive in Glenrothes and had left home the previous evening, 2 November 2013 at 8pm and walked with friends to an engagement party at Leslie Golf Club, arriving at 9pm. He then left the party and went off in a minibus with other people to the Styx nightclub, which was about a mile from his home.

Allan Bryant was white, 5ft 6ins tall, of medium build, and had short brown hair, blue eyes and tattoos on both arms. On the night he had been wearing a Voi t-shirt with three bands of colour, navy on the top, grey in the middle and white on the bottom, a pair of dark-coloured denim jeans and grey leather plimsolls.

Allan Bryant's father said that he thought that Allan Bryant had been murdered and disposed of that night. He also said that a bloodstained man was seen in the area and that the man had since threatened witnesses.

On 16 June 2014 the police started searching a house in Barnton Place, Glenrothes, but nothing was found. The man whose house it had been said that he was being victimised over his gypsy background. The man had previously lived next door to Allan Bryant in Glenrothes.

Allan Bryant's father later said in 2015 that he knew who killed his son and said that there was enough evidence for the police to launch a full murder enquiry. He added that the suspect had threatened them.

Allan Bryant's mother said that she had been told that Allan Bryant had been dumped in a huge drain in Woodside.

In November 2016 Allan Bryant's father said, 'I am fed up of waiting for the police to give me information, it seems they are doing everything possible not to find my son. I feel like they are hiding something from me. It’s an absolute farce the way they have handled things. They have let my family down since day one and they keep letting my family down', adding that he had given the police the names of the suspects that he thought had murdered his son.

However, the police said, 'There is no confirmed evidence of criminality. This is the largest missing person inquiry carried out in Fife and our priority continues to be to find Allan and provide answers to his family. We continue to appeal for information'. In November 2017, the police said that there was 'no evidence he is no longer alive'.

In April 2018 a man was convicted for making taunts online over the internet against Allan Bryant's family. It was heard to be the second time that he had been convicted, having been jailed the first time. The messages included things like, 'You killed my f****** brother’, ‘murderer’, and ‘guilty’. Another message read, 'I hope the police throw you out on the street and make you sleep in a tent and search your house, just admit it, you killed your son, you’re only doing it for fame and publicity and attention seeking'.

Allan Bryant's family said that they had to install CCTV cameras, door jammer bars and a special letter box after they were targeted by another malicious person.

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