Unsolved Murders

Owen Benito Graham

Age: 49

Sex: male

Date: 1 May 1996

Place: Granby Racing, Granby Street, Toxteth

Owen Graham was shot in the head in a betting shop at 4.30pm on the night of 1 May 1996.

He was taken to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital but declared dead on arrival.

He had lived nearby in Grinshill Close, Toxteth.

His murder was said to have been part of an escalating gang war although the police said that they did not know of any motive and thought that he may have been involved in a dispute.

He had been in Granby Racing, a betting shop, at the time along with 15 other people when a man wearing a white spotted blue bandana walked in, spoke Owen Graham's name and then shot him in the head.

It was said that his murder was almost a year to the hours since the murder of David Ungi in 1995 which started a Liverpool gang war.

Four years later Owen Graham's stepson was arrested for the murder of Clay Benjamin at a party in Toxteth but at a court trial he was acquitted.

Seven years later his granddaughter was shot when a gunman went to her house in Edge Hill and shot three members of the family there and killed their pet bull mastiff dog.

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