Unsolved Murders

Gerry McGeough

Age: 56

Sex: male

Date: 17 Dec 2014

Place: Watson Street, Motherwell

Source: www.motherwelltimes.co.uk

Gerry McGeough was beaten to death in his home.

Gerry McGeough was found dead in his home on Saturday 3 January 2015 at about 8.30pm, but it was said that he had been murdered over the Christmas period between 17 December 2014 and 3 January 2015.

A man was tried for his murder but the verdict of not proven was returned.

It was said that Gerry McGeough had been beaten to death with a baseball bat or similar weapon.

Gerry McGeough and the man that was tried for his murder had lived near to each other in Watson Street, Motherwell and had known each other.

At the trial it was heard that the man tried for his murder was first considered a suspect after he made incriminating phone calls to the police. However, he later said that he had been drunk at the time that he had made the calls and said that what he had told the police was rubbish.

The man tried for Gerry McGeough's murder had been a friend of Gerry McGeough and had also just recently been released from prison for threatening to throw a man off a railway platform into the path of a train. He admitted that he had seen Gerry McGeough after being released from prison but said that he had nothing to do with his murder.

The man's defence noted that there were no eye-witnesses for the murder and that there was no DNA, fingerprint or fibre evidence to connect him to the scene.

It was noted that the man that was acquitted of murdering Gerry McGeough had stolen charity tins with £160 between them from two pubs five days after his acquittal. He was filmed putting them under his coat in CCTV footage. His solicitor said that the man had been drinking and had lost his bus ticket home. He was jailed for five months. The judge said, 'I can’t think of anything more sick than stealing money from terminally ill kids'.

Gerry McGeough had formerly been a slabber and had run his own business and at the time of his murder he had lived alone.

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