Unsolved Murders

Shehzad Iqbal

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 27 Nov 1995

Place: West Park Road, Blackburn

Shehzad Iqbal was stabbed on a street corner near his school.

A man was tried for his murder but acquitted after it was heard that his solicitor had acted 'woefully below the standards of competence'. The QC added that there was a real risk of one or more mistaken identifications being placed before the jury.

As a result, the Home Secretary at the time, Jack Straw, said that he would look into the case on behalf of Shehzad Iqbal's family.

Shehzad Iqbal had been an A-level student at St Mary's College in Blackburn.

Almost 3,000 people had crowded into the Masjid-E-Raza mosque in Blackburn for his funeral.

Shehzad Iqbal's family also arranged to have their son flown back to India but a mix up at the airport left them stranded at Manchester Airport whilst their son's body was flown off without them.

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