Unsolved Murders

Leslie Jackson

Age: 70

Sex: male

Date: 1 Nov 1990

Place: Sussex Drive, Blackburn

Leslie Jackson was beaten to death in his bathroom.

He had been a horse dealer and had been living in a sheltered bungalow in Sussex Drive, Blackburn.

His bungalow had been ransacked. It was thought that he had kept large sums of money at his home and a watch and gold sovereign rings were later found to be missing.

During their investigation, the police visited every jeweller, second-hand shop and pawn shop in the North West, searching for clues and traces of the known missing items.

Two people were arrested in connection with his murder, but it was determined that there wasn't enough evidence to make a prosecution and the case was thrown out of court. A third man who was also arrested but who the police offered no evidence against later died, and his mother said that he never recovered from the trauma of his arrest.

At the time of his murder, Leslie Jackson had been suffering from cancer and had recently undergone a triple heart by-pass, and didn't have long to live.

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