Unsolved Murders

Sharon Lynch

Age: 22

Sex: female

Date: 27 Nov 1997

Place: Roscoe Street, Liverpool

Sharon Lynch was found dead in a warehouse in Roscoe Street, Liverpool, on 27 November 1997.

She had been stripped naked, beaten, strangled and dumped in a hole. She was later found by a drug addict.

Her body wasn't discovered for four weeks after her murder.

A man was convicted of her murder in July 1998 and served 7 years but later had his conviction quashed after appeal judges found it unsafe and he was released. The evidence against him had hinged on a recording that was made of him confessing to the murder.

He had been homeless at the time and the police had given a Big Issue seller and drug addict a tape recorder to record his conversations with the man. However, medical evidence later heard that the man was highly vulnerable and prone to making confessions about crimes he had not committed.

The man said that he had been drunk at the time and had only admitted to committing the murder because he had hoped that the man that had had the hidden tape recorder would give him some free drugs and that he had boasted about it and exaggerated his confession for that purpose. The man later always maintained that he was innocent.

At the trial the prosecution had said that the man had killed Sharon Lynch because she had stolen a small amount of cocaine from him.

Sharon Lynch was from Fingerpost and had moved to Liverpool just over a year earlier and at the time of her murder had been living on the streets. When she arrived in Liverpool she lost her daughter to the social services and then started to take drugs and then later became a prostitute.

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