Unsolved Murders

Thomas Cameron

Age: 49

Sex: male

Date: 29 Jun 2007

Place: Auchinairn Tavern, Bishopbriggs

Thomas Cameron was shot in the car park of the Auchinairn Tavern, Bishopbriggs at around 6.55pm on Thursday 29 June 2007.

After he was shot he was taken to the Stobhill Hospital but was found to be dead on arrival.

The main suspect in his murder, Billy Bates, was later found dead in a barrel in the River Clyde.

The police said that they thought that Thomas Cameron had known his killers and that he had been the intended target. However, they said that they didn't have a motive.

Thomas Cameron worked at the Auchinairn Tavern as a barman and had gone into the car park to meet two men. There was then a disturbance and Thomas Cameron was then shot.

The first of the two men was described as being 5ft 4in to 5ft 7in tall, in his early to mid 40s, of stocky build, balding with a round face and casually dressed. The second man was described as being about 6ft, in his 40s, of a heavy build with short greying hair and wearing a black leather jacket and light blue jeans.

One man that was suspected of being involved with the murder was William Bates who was found murdered and dumped in the River Clyde on 26 July 2007. He had gone missing shortly after Thomas Cameron was shot. It was thought that he had been dead for up to two weeks and had been subjected to a sustained attack.

Another suspect in the murder was reported to have been in Spain in 2016. The suspect was also wanted in relation to the murder of William Bates. It was thought that after the murder of Thomas Cameron that William Bates had found the pressure too much and that he had decided to hand himself in and so the second suspect had killed him too. It was also thought that the man had also spent time in the Netherlands and Ireland where he also had contacts.

It was thought that Thomas Cameron had confronted William Bates and the other man when he had found out that they had been forcing a young family member to commit crimes for them, including bank fraud.

It was noted that Thomas Cameron's son Ross Cameron had been murdered 18 months earlier.

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