Unsolved Murders

Tadas Jarusevicius

Age: 29

Sex: male

Date: 23 Sep 2015

Place: Plumstead Railway Station, Plumstead

Tadas Jarusevicius was attacked under Plumstead flyover near Plumstead Railway Station.

He was found under the flyover at about 2pm by the police after they were called out. He had suffered blunt force trauma to his head and neck. It was thought that he had been kicked and punched and possibly stamped on. The police said that they could not say whether he had been murdered by one or more people because of the nature of his chaotic lifestyle, or say whether any of his injuries had been caused earlier on.

He was last seen alive at about 10.30pm the previous night, 22 September 2015 near Mount Pleasant Place.

He had been living under Plumstead flyover with a group of men. The police said that it was more likely that he was attacked by people within his own group of acquaintances rather than having been attacked by an outsider. It was heard that the group he hung about with were mostly Lithuanian, eastern European males who would gather at the flyover, and that they would go off looking for work or to sit about in town squares drinking or sleeping.

Seven people were arrested on suspicion of murder during the investigation but five were released without charge whilst no further information is known about the other two.

Tadas Jarusevicius was known to frequent the Plumstead, Lewisham and Woolwich areas. His father lived nearby, and it was said that Tadas Jarusevicius had recently ended a relationship in December 2014 which was thought to have contributed to his reasons for living on the streets.

He was a Lithuanian national and had a daughter.

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