Unsolved Murders

Cisho Kumar Balachandiran

Age: 18

Sex: male

Date: 8 Jul 2003

Place: River Roding, Wanstead, East London

Source: news.bbc.co.uk

Cisho Kumar Balachandiran was found in the River Roding in Wanstead, East London.

He was taken to hospital where he died a week later.

Cisho Balachandiran was a Tamil.

His murder was linked to the murder of Partheepan Balasingham who was attacked outside the Palm Beach restaurant in Ealing Road, Wembley, at 1am on the same day. It was said that the gang that had killed Partheepan Balasingham after attacking him at 1am in Wembly had driven across London to High Road, Ilford where they kidnapped Cisho Balachandiran at about 2am from outside a bar, tortured him, and then dumped him in the River Roding with serious injuries.

His murder was said to have been related to Sri Lankan and Tamil gang wars across London. It was also said that he had been tortured before being dumped in the river.

There were said to have been 12 men in the gang that had attacked both Cisho Balachandiran and Partheepan Balasinghan and that they had travelled in convoy around the M25 motorway from Wembley to Ilford to carry out the murders. The attack on Partheepan Balasinghan took place at about 1am whilst the attack on Cisho Balachandiran took place at about 2am.

Cisho Balachandiran was a student. He was found in the River Roding about 10 hours after he was attacked at about 12 noon on 8 June 2003. It was thought that he had been beaten for several hours and had face, neck, shoulder and stomach injuries. He was also suffering from shock and hypothermia.

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