Unsolved Murders

Robert Hart

Age: 26

Sex: male

Date: 11 Jun 2014

Place: Parklife Music Festival, Heaton Park, Prestwich, Manchester

Source: djmag.ca

Robert Hart died five days after he was assaulted at the Parklife music festival in Heaton Park, Prestwich.

The assault left him with a bleed on the brain which led to his death.

He was assaulted during an argument over an inflatable doll at 9.15pm on the Saturday 7 June 2014. He died four days later on 11 June 2014. The argument started after his girlfriend was hit repeatedly with the inflatable doll by someone in the crowd.

During their investigation, the police released CCTV footage of 12 possible witnesses that they wanted to speak to, of which 10 people came forward.

The description of the man that the police suspected had assaulted Robert Hart was, mixed race male, late 20's, about 6ft 1 tall, muscular build and with short, dark hair that was shaved at the sides.

The police said that they thought that the man had been with a blonde woman with shoulder-length hair, about 5ft 7in tall and 20-23 years old that had been wearing a pink top and black/dark jacket. She was said to have dragged the man away from Robert Hart. The man was then shepherded away by the blonde girl and friends after the assault. The police said that another person that they thought was in his group of friends had been a white man about 6ft1in tall who had been wearing a dark jacket.

The police appealed for friends of the man that assaulted Robert Hart, who had been with him at the time and shepherded him away, to come forward.

At the time of the assault Robert Hart had been near the festival's main stage.

The police said that they were looking through thousands of pictures and, hundreds of hours of CCTV and mobile phone footage.

Robert Hart's inquest in 2015 stated that he had been unlawfully killed and that he had died from a head injury following an assault.

Robert Hart had worked in a Barclays call centre in Wavertree at the time of his death.

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