Unsolved Murders

John Lawrence

Age: unknown

Sex: male

Date: 7 Feb 1988

Place: Isleworth

John Lawrence was murdered in his flat in Percy Road, Isleworth.

He was murdered sometime between 4.40pm on Sunday 7 February 1988 and 10am on Tuesday 9 February 1988.

He had lived in a flat at the back of a house at the corner of Percy Road and Worple Road in Isleworth.

Several items were stolen from his flat including a Nesco compact disc player.

A neighbour said that they heard a distressed cry from his flat between 10.30pm and midnight on Sunday 7 February 1988 and the police said that they were looking to trace two youths that had been seen outside of his flat at about the same time. It was said that although it was cold, one of the youths was seen to take off a dark speckly pullover, revealing a light-coloured t-shirt. It was also said that he had seemed upset and that the other youth had appeared to be consoling him.

John Lawrence was an ophthalmic nursing tutor and also a homosexual and it was said that he frequently visited pubs and casinos where he met young men.

It was noted that although he had eaten a large lunch on the Sunday, a frying pan was found in the kitchen with a hamburger and chips in it and the table was laid for one with a choice of sauces and it was suggested that he had been cooking for someone else.

On Monday 8 February 1988 his wallet, jewellery, letters and credit cards were found at Twickenham railway station on waste ground below stairs leading to the Waterloo platform. The police appealed for anyone that had been waiting at Twickenham station for the 1.22am train for Waterloo in the early hours of Monday 8 February 1988 that saw anything to come forward.

However, his red Royal College of Nursing diary and his watch were never found.

*map pointers are rough estimates based on known location details as per Place field above.

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