Unsolved Murders

Jaime Cheesman

Age: 16

Sex: female

Date: 5 Nov 1993

Place: Comber Place, Grimsby

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Jaime Cheesman went missing on 5 November 1993. Its not known whether she is dead or not.

She had lived in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and was last seen by her parents when she went off for a few days, telling her parents that she was going to stay with her best friend in Grimsby, Lincolshire.

Grimsby is about 130 miles away from Wellingborough.

It was said that she had said that she would be back on the Saturday, however, on the Friday evening one of her friends called Jaime Cheesman's parents in what was described as a panicked phone call saying that Jaime Cheesman was missing.

The friends said that Jaime Cheesman had been at a flat in Comber Place, Grimsby and that she had had an argument with someone and that she had gone off and didn't come back

Jaime Cheesman had just left school and was going to work in childcare having recently done some work ­experience in a nursery.

It was noted however, that Jaime Cheesman had recently made new friends with members of a travelling community who had temporarily been living nearby and that it was a possibility that she had gone off to live with them, adopting their nomadic lifestyle.

It was reported that there were also rumours that Jaime Cheesman was pregnant around the time that she went missing.

It was reported that over the years, several sightings of someone that looked like her were made, but she has never been traced.

It was noted in May 2016 that final plans had been made to pull down the flats in Comber Place. Shortly before the announcement it was reported that police forensic units spent time at the flat looking for evidence relating to Jaime Cheesman's disappearance.

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