Unsolved Murders

Angela Bradley

Age: 34

Sex: female

Date: 16 Jan 1995

Place: Mythe Bridge, Tewkesbury

Angela Bradley dissapeared. It is not known what happened to her.

Her car was found by Mythe Bridge, Tewkesbury with the keys in the ignition. Her glasses were also found in the car.

She had previously attended Coney Hill mental hospital because of her anorexia but after it closed she was placed in a house in Gloucester.

At the time she was a librarian.

She was last seen in Gloucester on 16 January 1995 at about 7pm. when she left her house she told her housemates that she was late and had to go.

She was described as a very intelligent woman.

The police said that they didn't know if she had been murdered, committed suicide or started a new life somewhere.

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